Village, fruits, grandma s tradicional recipe and Ivana – female entrepreneur.a

Ivana s story begins on that moment when she decided to make a positive change, not just in her life, but also in society. Visiting the village, making slatko and jam from fruits picked with grandma in their own orchard, were Ivana s favorite moments, those which will stay with her forever. She whished to return those irresistible aromas and flavors on our table. Idea came by accident, one day when she walked down the village road, and was wondering what do we miss for joy and true pleasure – she knew that were the domestic, traditional tastes that came from our previous generations. She wonderd what if the others try what grandma thaught her and that moment was the key in starting one new story. It was not long before idea came to realization – Ivana used all her business knowledge and the one inherited in decades, and soon made her first portion of slatko and jam. Convinced in unrepeatable quality and unique homemade taste, she decided to step out to the market as small manufacturer, and even those with choosy taste will come back to get more.
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